Chia Bia Milled Seeds (315 Grams) Price: $31.00 (as of 15/04/2021 19:24 PST- Details)

Chia Bia Milled Seeds (315 Grams)


Details: One part of chia day-to-day comprises enough Omega 3 ALA to assist take care of normal blood Cholesterol levels** **Consumption of 2g of Omega 3 ALA contributes to the upkeep of normal blood cholesterol levels. Chia comprises 2.7g ALA Omega 3 per serving. . . Features: Ancient food of the Aztecs Easy to make use of as it is a tiny, subtle-tasting seed Ideal to be used in baking Source of folic acid and protein High in omega 3, fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium & zinc A gluten-free protein with all very important amino acids. . . Ingredients: 100% Chia (Salvia Hispanica L) Seeds

Chia Bia Milled Seeds (315 Grams)

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