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Gluten Free


Why You’ll Love Organic Coconut Milk In latest years, many of us have gone crazy for coconut milk—and it seems that to be for good reason. As a substitute for dairy, coconut milk is lactose-free, which allows the millions with allergies or those following a vegan diet the chance to enjoy an alternative that has a very similar texture. Because it’s plant derived, coconut milk also has greater nutritional value than the traditional options derived from animals. It’s richer in niacin, with 1.8 milligrams per cup in comparison to the 0.23 milligrams in dairy milk. That’s important because niacin (a.k.a. vitamin B3) helps metabolize the nutrients found in food. Coconut milk also has greater concentrations of iron (3.9 milligrams per cup versus 0.1 milligrams), which eases the delivery of oxygen to body tissues and enables cells to function on a daily basis. But not all coconut milk is created equal; the healthiest versions are organically made and don’t have any sugar or additives. Along with those qualifiers, Native Forest’s Unsweetened Organic Coconut Milk is also: Gluten-free Kosher Non-GMO Vegan Despite the fact that coconut milk once got a bad rap for its high fat and caloric content, increasingly health experts now agree that good fats are a part of a healthy diet. That means coconut milk is after all getting the recognition it deserves as a star player in a wholesome, satisfying diet.

Gluten Free
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