Orrington Farms All Natural Vegan Broth Base & Seasoning, Chicken, 6 Ounce

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6 ounces per jar
Each jar makes 6 cups
Vegan chicken flavored


Size:6 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Enjoy the great taste of Orrington Farms all natural vegan chicken flavored broth base & seasoning. The demand for vegan options available on the market continues to grow and Orrington Farms now offers vegan broth bases. Through our research, we found that almost all of vegetarians still want the meat taste profile in vegan products but without the direct animal ingredients. Our all natural product offering brings the flavor to your table without animal ingredients. Simply open a container and add to water to create delicious, full bodied soups, flavors for side dishes and seasonings for casseroles, vegetables and gravies. Use in your whole favorite dishes. To be had in four delicious flavors: Chicken, Ham, Beef and Vegetable. Each jar makes 28 cups of broth. About the brand: Orrington Farms is the name of the game ingredient for a perfect dish. Our broth and soup bases are a convenient way to make food taste great. Orrington Farm’s broth, seasonings, slow cooker, and gravy mixes add wholesome, farm fresh goodness and flavor to your daily recipes. Orrington Farms used to be born in the heartland of The usa. We have been crafting delicious broth bases and flavorful seasonings for decades. We make small batches the usage of carefully selected quality ingredients and we make an effort to do it right. No shortcuts, just simple, honest quality ingredients the usage of family recipes, inspired by the farm, handed down over generations. Preparing wholesome recipes for your family today is a top priority and when you use our soup and broth bases, gourmet slow cooker recipes, or gourmet gravy mixes you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll be the usage of products made with quality ingredients.

6 ounces per jar
Each jar makes 6 cups
Vegan chicken flavored
Contains sea salt and is Gluten Free.
No MSG added

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