Jack Links Jerky, Original, 8 Ounce

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13g of protein
No artificial preservatives
No sodium nitrates

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Made with premium cuts of lean beef and seasoned with our distinctive blend of spices. Then we smoke the tender strips of beef with genuine mesquite for the sophisticated, smoky flavor you are expecting in authentic beef jerky.

Jack Link’s Jerky is seasoned with a novel blend of spices and expertly smoked for an unmistakable, authentic jerky taste. Jack Link’s Jerky is top in protein, yet low in fat, calories and carbs. Sorts and flavors of beef jerky come with Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot, Steakhouse Recipe, KC Masterpiece Barbeque, Jalapeño Carne Seca, Sriracha, Original Hickory Smokehouse, Cholula Hot Sauce. Jack Link’s also has Chicken, Turkey, and Pork Jerky Sorts. Jack Link’s Jerky includes a new, easy ingredient label that haven’t any added MSG, no preservatives and no sodium nitrates.

13g of protein
No artificial preservatives
No sodium nitrates

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